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 FAQ and Rules - Read me first

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PostSubject: FAQ and Rules - Read me first   Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:38 am

Here are the rules, breaking any can result in getting banned or warned.

* No cheating discussion whatsoever - we don't support cheating in any form neither on global ms nor anywhere else
* Don't ask for release dates - it'll be done when it's done
* Don't ask if you can (beta) test anything
* Don't ask if you can help code, make websites or whatever - you can't
* Don't be an idiot
* Use common sense
* Use the search before making a new Thread
* Don't post things that are clearly illegal
* No selling/trading MS Characters or currency.
* Don't spam. QFT or "What he said" type posts are always spam. Other things may also be spam.
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FAQ and Rules - Read me first
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